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NEO Tracker Tutorial

The NEO Tracker is a very user-friendly web-based light wallet that does not require any installation or downloads. Users are able to use the wallet in their browser but aren’t personally synced with the NEO network. NEO Tracker just provides the nodes / connection.

To access NEO Tracker, simple go to their official website:

Click on the green „New Wallet“ button.

Type a strong password and store it somehow. Then click on „Create“ at the bottom right.

Download and save your Keystore File. Make sure that you don’t loose it, as there is no way to recover it and people can use it to access your wallet.

In the next window you will see your private key. One option is to write it down by hand or print it on a paper wallet, from which funds can then be accessed later on. Click here for the tutorials on paper wallets.

You successfully finished creating your NEO wallet. Make sure that you keep all the keys and files in a safe place. At the bottom you will see your NEO address. In this example it is ANsQUPDYmpL7M8epDTfXN4J9KHbFjZB6pn. This is your public address, to which anyone can send NEO, GAS and NEO tokens. When you want to withdraw your funds from an exchange, you need to send them to your personal address. There is no need to additionally withdraw GAS, as NEO generates GAS over time.