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NEO GUI Tutorial

The Neo GUI us the NEO graphical user interface wallet that enables users to securely store their NEO, GAS and NEO assets, check their balances, send and receive tokens.

Make sure to only download it from the official Neo Github ( and always check for the latest release.

Once you downloaded and extracted the newest version of the GUI from Github, open the folder and start the „neo-gui.exe“ file.

The NEO GUI will open and immediatley start to snyc.

In the bottom left of the application, you will see your block height and the number of nodes you are connected to. To fully sync, you need to let the GUI open for quite some time: It will download the whole NEO blockchain, i.e. every block that has been mined up until today. As you can see in the picture above, the walled will fully sync at some time – then you are ready to go.

Once the wallet is synced, choose „Wallet“ in the top menu and click „New Wallet Database…“.

A window opens, where you need to name your wallet file, choose where to store it on your computer and choose a safe password for your wallet file.

The above window will apear, where you are able to see the newly generated public address and its amount of NEO and GAS. As it’s new, there cannot be any tokens on it. In this example the address is AUEy5QRdWvHUmNu93WzubYYiyGrv9G8x53. This is your public address, to which anyone can send NEO, GAS and NEO tokens. When you want to withdraw your funds from an exchange, you need to send them to your personal address. There is no need to additionally buy GAS, as NEO generates GAS over time.

By choosing „Transaction“ and then „Transfer“ in the top menu, a window opens that lets you transfer NEO and other assets.

By clicking on the plus (+) sign at the bottom left, another window opens, where you can initiate actual transfer.

In the first row, you choose the asset that you want to transfer (i.e. NEO). Then the wallet shows you how much NEO you currently hold in your posession (on that wallet). Under „Pay to“ you paste the address (public key) where you want to send the NEO to. At the end you state the actual amount that you want to transfer. As NEO cannot be subdivided, it has to be a full number.

We will extend this tutorial in the close future. This is an ongoing process.