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Tutorial to buy NEO on Bitfinex

Bitfinex is the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world and offers NEO trading for its customers. If you register on Bitfinex with our referral link you will save 10% of your trading fees for the first 30 days.

Step 1: Create an account on Bitfinex

Create an account with your e-mail and a strong password via the following link: Click here

By using our link or the referral ID Be1boVDiO6, you get a 10% discount on your trading fees for the first 30 days.

Step 2: Deposit on the exchange

Once your account is set up, log in and go to „Deposit“ in the top right menu. Choose the currency that you want to deposit on the left side. Binance offers trading pairs of Bitcoin and Ether for NEO. Therefore it makes sense to deposit either BTC or ETH. Click on „deposit“ on the right side of the page.

A window opens, where you can see your deposit addresses for the currency you have chosen. Send the currency to the „Exchange Wallet“ deposit address (the first of the three) and wait until the transfer is confirmed. Once it’s confirmed, you will see the coins shown in you balance on the left side of the page.

Step 3: Buy and trade NEO

Hover over „Trading“ on the top right menu and choose „NEO“ and then „NEO/BTC“. This will take you to the trading window to exchange Bitcoin to NEO.

Now you are able to buy and then sell NEO for limit or market orders. Put the amount of BTC in that you want to trade against NEO and click buy. If you issue a limit order, you put a certain price that other users have to trigger. If you issue a market order, you directly buy the sell order from other users off the market.